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Happy Dog
New Strings on Wings CD - Available Now!! Strings on Wings
Eclectic mix of songs and tunes played by Barb Schmid and Todd Clewell with special guests Russ & Glenn Carson.

Track Listing:
Shoo Fly, Rockbridge Blues, Lazy John/Elk River Blues, Cumberland Gap, Barnyard Dance, These Old Green Hills, Durang’s Hornpipe/Boys Them Buzzards Are Flying, If I Had Known, Chickens In Paradise, Apple Blossom/Tamlin, Milwaukee Blues, Billy in the Low Ground, Hallelujiah to the Lamb/Waldorf Reel, Last Chance/Boys My Moneys All Gone/Devil in the Strawstack, Fetch Wood, Carry Water, Five Steps Down
Down the River
High-energy contradance music from southcentral Pennsylvania, featuring fiddler Todd Clewell and guitarist/mandolinist Henry Koretzky, joined by banjoist Glenn Carson, fiddler Barb Schmid, and bassist Bruce Campbell.

Track Listing:
I've Got No Honey Babe Now/Caribou Reel/June Apple, Robin's Bohdran/String of Trucks, Julian Johnson/Elzic's Farewell/The Growling Old Man and the Grumbling Old Woman, Down the River/Johnny Cope, Scollay's Reel/Meg Gray/The Wren, April Waltz, Shoes and Stockings/Big Sciota, Gaspe Reel/Saut du Lapin/Hommage á Edmond Parizeau, Strosnider's Polka, Sarah Armstrong's Tune/28th of January/Patty on the Turnpike, Give Me the Wings
New Contra Rebels CD - Available Now!!
Hog Hollar CD - Available Now!! The Great Compromise
Hog Hollar String Band: Bob Buckingham, Todd Clewell, Amy Buckingham & Jake Krack

Track Listing:
Yellin' In The Shoats, Little Joe, Waiting For Nancy, Shenandoah Falls, 44 Gun, Julian Johnson, Lester's Sally Ann, Handsome Molly, Davy Comeback And Act Like You Ought To, Polecat Blues, Greasy Coat, Hell Broke Loose In Georgia, Rabbit In The Log, Reuben, Shelvin' Rock, Little Maggie, Ook Pik Waltz, Hesitation Blues

Joint production of Happy Dog Records and Wisekrack Records
Sarah Armstrong's Tunes Read about the project
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Played by Todd Clewell & Friends

Maggots In The Sheep Hide,
Ranahan's March/Second Part Of Ranahan's March, Johnstown Gals/Patty On The Turnpike,
I'll Dance A Jig And I'll Dance No More,
Johnny Get Your Haircut,
Farewell To Whiskey/The Boyne Water,
The Blacksmith/The Cottage By The Sea or The Red Headed Girl/Muddy Water,
The Blackbird,
The Drunken Hiccoughs,
Old Reel,
Waltzing With The One I Love,
Laney Tunin' His Fiddle/Over The Stump And Back Again,
Dream Song, Dream Song Reprise
What The Devil Ails You,
Rolling Off A Log,
The Snouts And Ears Of America/Little Hornpipe,
The Red Brick House In Georgia Town
Sarah Armstrong's Tunes CD
Late For Supper CD Late For Supper
Bob Buckingham & Todd Clewell and Friends

Track Listing:
Hangman's Reel, Going Down To Tampa, John Brown's Dream, If I Lose, Briarpicker Brown, Durangs/Thorndale, Give Me The Wings, Sassafrass, Squirrel Heads In Gravy, Wish You Were Here Waltz, Powderhorn, Good Morning Blues, Ducks On The Pond, I'll Fly Away, Grand Picnic, June Apple/Growling Old Man, Been To The East - Been To The West, Tall Green Pines/Elzics, Bull At The Wagon/Sandy Boys, Lee Highway Blues